Looking For Kraton For Sale In 2018? Side Effects of Using The Drug

Kratom, scientifically referred to as Mitragyna speciosa originates from southeast Asia belonging to same tree plants families like gardenias and coffee. In Thailand and its neighboring countries, they used kratom for ailments. It contains opiate-like effects and dose-dependent stimulant. Besides its energy boosts, anecdotal and mild pain relief, it also helps in managing the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction.


Harmful Effects of Kratom

There is limited scientific information regarding the effects caused by kratom. Besides, there are no controlled studies that have to determine the safe use of kratom. Most of the data for this drug is from the doctors and those people using.

The trials done by the scientist is from the animals. In the US, it’s not a controlled substance and therefore sold via the head shops and online in various forms that include compressed tablets, capsules, and loose chopped leaves.

Through research, the drug has more than 20 biological active elements. The drug has a long history of abuse in the Asian region. Besides, some countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand banned the drug due to addiction.

Short-Term Effects

The drug has a unique mixer making its short-term effects to be variable and complex. It depends on the balance between opiate-like impact and stimulant-like on the dose you take. Most of the users report significantly different experiences even after taking the same dose.

The side effects depend on the use, and it ranges in severity from being inconvenient to dangerous. The results depend on dose and are similar to opiates and other stimulant drugs. They include:




Loss of motor coordination or tremors

Facial flushing

Pupillary constriction


Nausea and vomiting

Long-Term Effects

Through the studies done in Thailand on chronic, when you use high-dose kratom have the following unusual long-term effects:


Anorexia and weight loss

Darkening of the facial skin

However, no evidence suggests kratom damages organs of the body.


Addiction is the most significant danger of using kratom. When you use the drug, it will activate opiate signaling in your brain. It will, therefore, help to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms originating form addictive opioid medicines. If you are looking kratom for sale, you should know that the characteristics prove that its addictive


Effects of Withdrawal

Through the research, it showed that half of the population using kratom regularly in six months developed its dependency. For dependent users, they end up suffering physical withdrawal symptoms that look similar to opiates users after they stop using it suddenly.

Treating Withdrawal Treatment

For people withdrawing, they prefer detox under medical support. Some of these withdrawal symptoms like increased blood pressure become a medical risk to some individuals. The drugs that help in treating patients that suffer from kratom addiction or managing withdraw are similar to opiate addiction. So, if you need kratom for sale, be cautious enough.