Proper Kratom Dosage

Kratom is a natural opioid, which has been used for several years across the world. Many people have been using depending on their different health problems. Kratom is capable of releasing stress, anxiety, and improving your mood.

It can make you stay focused and productive in your work. If you need to concentrate on your work, then this is the strain for you. You can always buy this product either online or in your local smoking shops.

Nevertheless, there are some rules that you should get to know them when taking kratom. You should know the proper dose to take. Taking excess dose might make you uncomfortable. Generally, if you do pay attention to these rules, you might get a very bad effect or not get the desired effect from the kratom.

Proper Dosage

You should take the appropriate dosage in order to achieve the desired results. The people introducing themselves to the kratom should start with a small dosage. Make sure you consume on an empty stomach. Try early in the morning or in 3 hours after you have taken breakfast.

Soon after you have consumed your dose, you can relax for about 40 minutes to see what would happen or experience. If you think adding more kratom will achieve the better results, then you can add some little amount of the kratom. Then wait for 15 to 30 minutes. You will experience some effects. Do not add more kratom. However, if you feel you need more consider adding little amount.

It is very important to dosage your kratom based on your body weight. For example, people under the weight of 6.8 kg should consider starting with 1.5 grams then observe the effects. A lower dose is very effective in helping you to avoid the tolerance.

How to Take Kratom

There different ways you can consume the kratom. However, that will depend on which suits you. The common way used is just putting the powder in the mouth after taking the right dose. Soon after that, you should take a gulp of water. You will have to mix the two in your mouth, and then swallow. It might be easier if you break up powder to more than one mouth.

Another common way of consuming is through pills. Generally, this is very simple. However, you might not find the pills to be effective. It might take you quite long before you feel the effects. Therefore, you might consider taking a larger dose.

Finally, you can mix the powder with your food or any drink. Most of the users put the powder in the water the time they are preparing tea. You can still add it to your yogurt or a protein shake. Nevertheless, do not forget that the best way of consuming the kratom is on an empty stomach. Therefore, you might not experience the desired result.