The Adequate amount of kratom for a user

Kratom is available in many forms like powder, capsule, leaves, etc. The amount the kratom products is calculated in grams. All the products are available for use in grams. The first and the starting dose of kratom is from 1 to 1.5 grams. This dose is ideal for beginners. Other kratom users who are already using kratom, this amount of dosage may not affect them in a proper way.

New users are directed to start from this low dosage to feel required effects without any side effects. In this way, a person can get used to kratom first and determine whether the body is tolerating or accepting the kratom or not.

When you start feeling satisfied and comfortable with kratom then you can increase your dosage gradually.

After the low dose, comes the average dosage of kratom which lies between 3 to 5 grams. This amount of kratom dose brings the best effects from increased energy to the concentration level.

The high amount of kratom dosage is 5 grams or above. This brings the high effects ins a person but, similarly, can also cause serious issues or side effects.

Here presenting you a guide for dosage:

  • Initial dose: 0.5 – 1 grams
  • Low dosage: 1 – 2 grams
  • Average dose: 3 – 5 grams
  • High dose: 5 grams or above
  • Above high dose: 10 grams or above

This is a guide for people in general but it varies on different people and acts differently. So, it’s better to create an idea by starting from a low dose then increase later.

Side effects of high Kratom Intake

The average amount of kratom for all kratom Hour users is between 3 to 5 grams. When you will intake more amount of kratom than it, it will bring some unwanted results. These results make you feel not perfectly comfortable.

The high dose of kratom doesn’t cause side effects but it may bring some unwanted and uncomfortable effects such as nausea, stomach problem, headache, dizziness, sleep disorders, etc. These are for a time being that last up to 24 hours and disappear by itself. There is no need to take medicines for these little effects.

The side effects of kratom come by taking over high dose of kratom. The amount of high dosage is above 10 grams and up to 20 grams. Usually, the people who don’t have any idea about kratom side effects take kratom in extremely dose to get high effects but it is very unsafe and risky.

The side effects include many complications, hallucinations, brain swelling, liver damage people may get addicted to it, etc.

To avoid these side effects, kratom should be consumed in a safe and beneficial way.

There are certain types of people who are using kratom faqs for different purposes. First, you need to know your reasons for using kratom. Some people use kratom on a daily basis to remain active and fresh for the whole. While some take kratom for medical treatment like stress, pain, anxiety, etc.