The pros and cons of consuming Kratom powder

Kratom is an evergreen plant. It is cultivated in the forests and islands of South-East Asian countries. It is the most famous herb in this region of the world. Not only in Asia but Kratom has started taking over the hearts of many people living in the US as well as Europe.

Kratom is divided into unlimited types. Each strain of Kratom holds different properties and nature. Having so much different kind of strains made Kratom more famous and a must use Kratom. People use strains according to their requirements and needs.

There are different ways of consuming Kratom. Kratom can be ingested directly through the mouth. It can be taken in by mixing it with your tea or coffee. You can add Kratom in your food. You can make your own Kratom tea. Kratom can be mixed into different kind of juices and drinks. It can also be taken in by toss and wash method. You can chew the dry leaves of Kratom and then drink water or juice after it. Kratom can only be ingested in the form of capsules. You can also smoke a Kratom powder but this way of ingesting Kratom is not much appreciated.

But there are some pros and cons of using Kratom. Pros and cons mean advantages and disadvantages. The few most prominent pros and cons of using Kratom have been mentioned below:

Pros of using Kratom:

  • Kratom is a well-known herb for relieving pain from any part of the body.
  • It is a safe as well as less addict able drug. If we use another drug we may become too much addict of it that we may feel difficult to survive without it. But Kratom is not like that you can use it without any fear. It will not make you that much dependable on it.
  • Kratom gives feelings of happiness. It helps us to feel happy and well being. It induces the feelings of euphoria.
  • It helps us to solve many digestion issues.
  • Kratom helps us to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps us to calm our mind and relaxes our nerves.
  • It develops confidence level in us.
  • It makes us feel motivated, concentrated and focused.
  • Kratom I knew to energize our body. It helps us to do more work without getting tired.
  • It increases our tolerance level.
  • It helps us to treat insomnia. It gives us relief from restlessness and helps us to take a long nap.

Cons of using Kratom:

  • The taste of Kratom is very bitter. It is unbearable and acidic. It is almost impossible to taste Kratom. It may lead us to nausea and vomiting.
  • It is not that much addictive but it can cause a little bit of addiction.
  • It takes some time to make it properly. In short making, Kratom is a bit time taking process.


Everything has good and bad effects. All of these depend upon our way of using it. If we will use Kratom in a nice way it will not give any disadvantage to us.