Top Best Kratom Potentiators You Must Know About

Kratom is a substantial health strain that is used by many people all over the world. Well, you can also use this strain with other substances to boost their functioning without affecting the body negatively. The other elements that are used together with the kratom strain are referred to as potentiators. Which are the best potentiators that you can use along with kratom strains?

Top best kratom potentiators you must know about

  • Grapefruit

If you enjoy a glass of lemon water, then grape juice would make the sweeter version of it. The fruit has a great fizzy and zesty taste that takes away the bitter taste of the kratom strain. Just squeeze the juice out of the fruit and mix it with kratom powder together with water. Aside from making the kratom mixture taste good, grapefruit is also known to extend the effect of kratom in the system thus boosting its treatment.

  • Tea

Tea is another refreshing product that works well with kratom. First off, tea is an excellent detoxifying product plus it is known to give an excellent soothing effect to the system. For even better results, mix your cup of tea with kratom. Tea is preferred as a good potentiator for kratom since it takes away the bitter taste from the strain and it also has a great soothing effect just like kratom. If you are stressed or depressed, this would be an excellent combination for eliminating these symptoms from your system and also enabling you to have relaxed and calm nerves. Note that there are plenty of tea flavors available on the market and they all have the same effects. But if you would want to add a little bit of sweetness to your combination, opt for pure honey.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a plant that is widely used in the culinary world, and it is also consumed for health purposes. It is packed with great inflammatory effects which are essential for boosting the immune in the body. This plant also increases the functioning of the kratoms when used together. It raises the alkaloids in kratom thus giving prolonged and more powerful effects in the body. Just mix the two ingredients with water and drink maybe two to three times in a day.

  • Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then I believe the combination of your favorite drink with kratom will do you right. As we all know coffee is an excellent stimulant and increases one’s energy. So, if you combine kratom which is known to be a good energy booster with coffee, you will be able to stay alert for a long time. You can take the drink in the morning and during the day to help you focus on your work.


All the above-discussed products are the best potentiators that can be used together with kratom for better health results. They add more potent to the kratom thus resulting in enhanced body health.